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Lingfield & Dormansland Community Centre,

High St, Lingfield, RH7 6AB

Group Secretary: Rita Russell

Meetings on 4th Wednesday of each month, except August and December, at 2.30pm.

27th November sog1

 County & local sources at the Society of Genealogists

Learn about the huge collection of records in the Society's library

 Sue Gibbons
22nd January railway line


David Turner 
26th February adopt

Adoption & Fostering


From informal arrangements to legal adoption. Individuals, local authorities, charities and courts all played a role in the fostering or adoption of children.

Louise Taylor

25th March Delinquents

Delinquents – and those who tried to change them

How to find out about child criminals and also discover the people who tried to reform them in the early days of the Probation Service.

Kathy Chater

22nd April homework

Women, the home and Spanish Flu in the Great War

The Great War was won on the Home Front.

Ian Porter

27th May secrets

Secrets & Lies

Adventures in other people’s family history

Some extraordinary and poignant stories uncovered whilst Frances was researching for clients.

Dr Frances Hurd

24th June  netherne

Netherne Mental Hospital

Netherne was opened in 1909 and closed in 1994. The surviving archives explore all aspects of the hospital's life, and provide a rare glimpse of daily life inside a Surrey psychiatric hospital.

Julian Pooley

Of Surrey History Centre

22nd July aladin

Aladdin’s Cave

Some major family and estate archives in Surrey History Centre

Mike Page

23rd September irishft

Irish family history resources on the internet

Introducing the most useful of the wide range of online record indexes and other resources, many free, for those with Irish ancestry.

Peter Christian

28th October      
25th November  hanging

Public Executions

- the macabre spectacle in 19th century Britain

Alan Essex